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The history of the Capistrano Ferreira family is intertwined with the history of coffee in the largest producing region in the world, Minas Gerais.

The colonization of this important Brazilian state began in the 18th century, following the discovery of gold in the region. In the 19th century, with the end of gold exploration, the royal road remained, which crossed the Serra da Mantiqueira region, and through which gold was transported to the ports of Rio de Janeiro. It was from this same road that coffee entered Minas Gerais from the capital.

At the same time, Gabriel Capistrano Ribeiro Alckmin, a native of Cristina, born on 11/8/1870, arrived in Santa Rita do Sapucaí, marrying Maria Avelino Ribeiro, born in that same municipality on 12/22/1879.

From this marriage, Gabriel became one of the pioneers of coffee production in the region, starting the plantation on the lands inherited by Maria Avelino Ribeiro from her father Francisco Avelino de Magalhães, in the municipality of Santa Rita do Sapucaí. With this visionary mission to produce coffee in a new agricultural frontier, Gabriel began a legacy of more than a hundred years in his family. His son, Horácio Capistrano Alckmin was one of those responsible for expanding coffee production on the family’s lands, work that was then continued by Mauro Mendes Ferreira, after marrying one of Horácio’s daughters, Clélia Capistrano Ferreira.

From this marriage onwards, the history of the Capistrano Ferreira family is connected to Fazenda Pedra Preta, inherited by one of Mauro’s daughters, Sheila Maria Capistrano Ferreira, mother of Eduardo and Otávio, founders of Flora.

Roots of Innovation

In the lush landscapes of Serra da Mantiqueira, the Capistrano Ferreira family has been cultivating coffee for over a century, across five generations. From the rich soil of Brazil’s most celebrated coffee region, Flora emerges as a testament to our enduring legacy and a beacon of our regenerative future.

A New Chapter Begins

Founded in 2022, Flora represents the culmination of decades of tradition, taking a bold leap into the future of regenerative coffee production. Rooted in the rich heritage of our ancestors, our mission is to blend time-honored practices with cutting-edge techniques.

Flora is part of LuxorAgro, a Brazilian company entirely dedicated to scaling regenerative agricultural production systems. Result of a partnership between LuxorAgro and Fazenda Pedra Preta, which has been dedicated to the production of specialty coffees in Serra da Mantiqueira for five generations. The birth of Flora materializes the unique combination of tradition in coffee cultivation with innovative business intelligence committed to regenerative values, essential attributes to guarantee continuous and sustainable growth.

We are driven by the conviction that to truly protect our planet and the legacy of coffee, sustainability alone is not enough — we must actively work to regenerate the soil and ecosystems we all share.

Join Our Regenerative Journey

As part of a collective effort, Flora is committed to exploring regenerative practices, with promising results already emerging from our crops. We believe in the power of collaboration and knowledge-sharing to drive the regeneration of our planet. Join us in this mission, contributing to a future where coffee plays a pivotal role in ecosystem restoration.

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